Spring Harvest

What happens at one of the world's largest Christian celebrations?

Spring Harvest began life at Easter 1979 North Wales. Around 2700 Christians attended from varying church backgrounds. It was a week of “modern-style worship”, Bible teaching and workshops about the relevance of Christian faith to everyday life. The event has taken place every year since during the Easter holidays.

36 years on, Spring Harvest is now hosted in modern Butlins holiday resorts. The largest worship gatherings welcome over 3000 people who still go from every church background across the UK and beyond. The learning together still focuses on applying the Christian faith to the challenges and realities of life. The entertainment ranges from Butlins free fairground to late night standup comedy and music acts.

At the heart of Spring Harvest is also a sense of social responsibility and alongside the holiday atmosphere each year thousands of pounds are raised to help the most needy in our societies.

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