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Christmas: Cards

Where does the idea of a Christmas card come from?

The very first Christmas card was made in 1843. Henry Cole had it designed and printed 1000 of them. The cards were printed in black and white and were then coloured by hand. Cole sold them from a shop in London. The picture shows a family enjoying a happy Christmas party.

The idea of Christmas cards soon caught on, and now millions are sent every year.

Cards for charities

Although there is no religious significance in the sending of cards, quite often their design reflects the reason for the season, with nativity scenes and wise men featured. Lots of Christmas cards are sold in aid of different charities.

Some of the money is given to help poor and needy people through organisations like Oxfam, Christian Aid, Tear Fund etc.

For these cards, a number of charities worked together to produce them, with the money they raise helping others.

cards - kings         cards - shepherd       cards - angel

Christians often like to send Christmas cards that illustrate the Christmas story. Challenge... Design a charity Christmas card based around the biblical account of the first Christmas? Which charity would you raise money for?   Charity cards