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Activity Idea: The Good News


This is an illustration to help students understand a central Christian belief.

In this demonstration, a crushed coke can is restored to its former shape and made ‘new’ again. It’s very easy to learn how to do this, and provides an excellent way to explain what the ‘Good News’ is, and the significance of Jesus’ death.

Watch and learn how to do it here.

Use it to demonstrate the meaning of the Good News:

Christians believe that humankind is like this crushed coke can. In the beginning, people were perfect, make in God’s image. But sin came into the world and ruined things. Sin ruins the people of God in people, making them less than God intended them to be.

But Christians believe that when Jesus died on the cross, he took away this sin. It means that people are given a fresh start.

Christians believe that by trusting in Jesus’s death, people can once again become what God always made them to be.