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A space for resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith

In this section we have compiled additional resources to equip you with engaging activities and help you in supporting your students relevantly.

Learning Resource: The Life of Jesus

Image-based lesson ideas for teachers

RE:QUEST recently visited Ta' Pinu Sanctuary, on the island of Gozo, Malta. Here we photographed some spectacular mosaics that tell the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection.

Download a version of the PDF below of these images and print/laminate them to explore the life of Jesus with your students; a list of image titles is included on the final page of the PDFs.

They may be used in their entirety to explore the whole life of Jesus, or one or more images to explore a specific theme, for example, Easter.

The Life of Jesus: Unnumbered

The Life of Jesus: Numbered

The Life of Jesus: Numbered Randomly

The Life of Jesus Image Titles

5 Ws & H Research sheet

The Life of Jesus Matching Activity

The Life of Jesus Matching Activity Answers



1. MATCH ME: In pairs or small groups, students could be given a complete set of images and a set of image titles. They should first match the image title with the image. Secondly, they should then organise the images in chronological order. For students who need extra support with this task, ensure that they have been given a set of images that are numbered. Conversely, for more challenge, ensure that the images aren't numbered.

2. SET THE SCENE: Organise the students into pairs, then give each pair an image that should be different to the rest of the class. If a small class, then select the images most relevant to the aims of the lesson. In pairs, the students should:

  • Research the scene they've been given; what is happening in the image? Why? To help organise their research, they could use the 5 Ws & H Research sheet.
  • Evaluate: Why is this scene so important in the life of Christ?
  • Showcase their scene: Each pair explains what is happening in their scene and why it is an important part of Jesus' life.
  • Optional class vote: Which is the most important scene from the life of Christ? Why?

3. IMAGE HUNT: Have a set of The Life of Jesus: Numbered Randomly images scattered around the room, on walls, desks etc. Print off copies of The Life of Jesus Matching Activity Sheet and distribute them to pairs or individual students.

  • In pairs or individually, students should wander around looking at the displayed images, completing the sheet, matching the image to the correct title. Check them off using The Life of Jesus Matching Activity Answers sheet.
  • Students could then create a timeline of Jesus' life.
  • Evaluate: Which three events were the most important in Jesus' life? Why? This could be a written response or paired/class discussion.

4. LEARNING RESOURCE: Students should read through the timeline of The Life of Jesus. They should select one event from Jesus' life to research - or be given one - using the 5 Ws & H Research sheet. Once completed they should use the information to create a resource that informs younger students about the event. This resource should include facts, but also why the event was significant. Examples might include:

  • Newspaper report
  • Podcast script
  • Poem
  • Rap
  • Storyboard
  • Factfile

5. OUT OF ORDER: Distribute individual The Life of Jesus: Numbered Randomly images to students, one each or one to pairs of students (depending on class size). Have the class arrange themselves in chronological order of the events of Jesus' life. The correct order can be found here.

6. MAKING LINKS: Distribute individual images to students, one each or one to pairs of students (depending on class size). Students should find a pair or individual to compare their images with, making suggestions as to how their images are connected. Time each discussion for 2 minutes before moving them onto a different image/pair of students to compare their image with.