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Region: England, Wales and Northern Ireland


A space for resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith

Welcome to the new look RE:QUEST!

We are so excited that you’re here and hope that you love the new site as much as we do. To help you get started, please read the information on this page and check out the two videos below. They will give you a complete rundown of what’s what, helping you get the most out of the new site.


Introduction to using RE:QUEST


In recognition of the variations of syllabus and educational terminology across the UK, we have created two regional areas on the site, separating England, Wales and Northern Ireland from Scotland.

Many of the resources are used in both regions, the different sections merely denote the difference in syllabus requirements and terminology.

Next year Wales will be introducing a new RE syllabus, therefore we plan to create another subregion to reflect this. Watch this space…

Finding Resources:

There is a splendid search engine which will help you find resources on many topics. However, in order to save time, we have created a system which will enable you to find precisely what you are looking for quickly.

Once you are within the correct region, simply select the key stage you are teaching and click on the tab.

If you are a student, please note the following:

  • Years 1-2 = Key Stage 1 (KS1)
  • Years 3-6 = Key Stage 2 (KS2)
  • Years 7-9 = Key Stage 3 (KS3)

Once you have clicked on the age group specific to your teaching or learning needs, you will find different topic areas and concepts.

You can drill down even further by selecting one of these to get the sub-topic you are looking for.

Do keep returning to the site; we aim to add new resources regularly!

Special Educational Needs:

On the right-hand side you will see a blue circle with a figure. If you click on this symbol, you will find our accessibility menu. It has been added to the site to help create an individualised learning experience for students who may have specific learning needs. Students can alter many aspects of our resources, including text size, type of font, line height, contrast, and background colour.


Alongside the splendid resources, we have a separate section especially dedicated to teachers. Within it you will find lesson ideas, tips on teaching RE and connections to external groups and people who could enhance your curriculum.


We have also created a new ‘Boards’ section, where you will be able to organise curriculum resources in one place on any given topic. Once created, you can return to them again and again.

A great feature of this section is the ability to create ‘learning boards,’ collating resources on specific topics, before sending your students a link which enables access to them.

Please watch the “How to use Boards” video for a full explanation of how to use and get the most out of the boards features.

How to Use Boards

Get in Touch:

​If you’d like to get in touch and request a resource on a specific topic or give us feedback, please do!

You will find contact details on our ‘Get in Touch’ page within the main menu…