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Big Questions - resource

Fischy Music is a charity that supports the emotional, social and spiritual well-being of primary age children. The charity has worked directly with children for many years and their resources are used in thousands of schools across the UK and beyond. Their work emphasises the uniqueness, creativity and worth of every child and they produce memorable, easy to learn, fun songs that any child can sing. Their resources are closely aligned with key curricular areas in schools.

Big Big Questions – resource

Big Big Questions is just one of the great songs that Fischy Music offers. Described as a  full on rock song Big Big Questions expresses some of the big questions about life and where God is, particularly when people suffer. A brilliant song to use as part of a Collective Worship or RE lesson to provoke questions and discussion.

Click here to find out more about the work of Fischy Music and how their resources can be used.


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