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A space for resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith

In this section we have compiled additional resources to equip you with engaging activities and help you in supporting your students relevantly.

Medium-Term Plan: Who is Jesus?

KS3 activity ideas and resources


Who is Jesus? This is the key question in the Christian faith.

Jesus spent three years meeting and teaching people. When he died, he left a devoted group of a few hundred followers. Today, 2 billion people worldwide call themselves Christians. But what makes Jesus so central to Christians’ lives today? For Christians, Jesus makes it possible for all people to know God.

They also believe that when Jesus died, he took the punishment for all of their individual sins (the things they have done wrong) making what he did on the cross the most important thing in Christianity.

Use these teaching resources to help your students explore the life of Jesus.

Introduction presentation to Jesus

Who is Jesus - Medium-Term Plan

Think About Jesus

Talk About Jesus