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GEORGE MÜLLER 1805-1898 – Lesson Ideas

George Müller was a Christian and the founder of the Müller Ashley Down Orphanages in Bristol. He looked after more than 10,000 orphans in his lifetime, from 1805-1898. The story of the faith of George Müller continues to have a profound influence for so many people all over the world. George Müller received nearly £1,500,000 in apparent answer to prayer without ever needing to ask for funds. At present-day prices, this would be well over £86,000,000. One of the many fascinating aspects of Müller’s life is the sacrificial attitude he had – giving everything to serve the needs of others.

Although the days of George Müller can seem so long ago, there is still great need in our country and the importance of reaching out to others is as real today as ever before.

Click here for lesson resources based upon this amazing man and his work.

Click here for the lesson plan – ‘How should we live and who can inspire us?’ 

To find out more about George Müller and the continued work of Müllers – visit their website.  mullers-logo


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