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What made Jon decide to become a Christian?

Jon from Youth for Christ's UNDER_GROUND is usually to be found interviewing Christian rappers for the channel, but today he's the one throwing down the track.

Jon grew up in Rugby, a normal lad doing what many consider normal lad things do. However, he soon realised that the life he was living was empty, so gave his life to God. He became a singer, touring with a band through The Message Trust, based in Manchester.

Today he works for Youth for Christ, as Head of Missions, creating material and co-ordinating their UNDER_GROUND YouTube channel. Under the name 'Jon Jackal,' he still performs occasionally.

Watch the video to listen to his autobiographical track, which details the reason for his decision to become a Christian. Once you've watched it, answer the following questions:

  • Why did Jon become a Christian?
  • How has his faith affected his life?