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Why are they important to Christians?

Vision: A vision is something that someone sees - a spiritual figure or a dream - and usually conveys a revelation from God.


A vision is something that a Christian sees which gives them a message from God. It could be in the form of a dream or an appearance from Jesus or an angel. Some Christians claim to have seen saints, or the Virgin Mary appear. These visions give a revelation about God, sometimes the people who have them are expected to pass the message on to others.



Visions are considered by many Christians to be an important way in which God reveals himself to humans. The Bible has many examples of people hearing from God through visions, for example, Joseph had dreams in which God spoke to him.

Furthermore, the Bible states that God speaks to his people through dreams and visions, therefore visions and dreams are taken very seriously.

'And the Lord said, “Now hear what I have to say! When there are prophets among you,[a] I reveal myself to them in visions and speak to them in dreams.' Numbers 12:6

Today, Christians still receive visions and dreams which reveal something about God to them. Many people become convinced that God exists when they experience a vision. Sometimes people need to see things to believe; visions offer this evidence to them that God exists.



When someone has a vision they usually interpret it as God trying to contact them. This leads them to believe in God. It is very hard to ignore the idea that God exists if you have had a vision from him.

Additionally, visions help people to understand God better, so they deepen their relationship with him. Their faith is strengthened as they feel much closer to him.