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Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

Two Christians share their experience

The term 'miracle' is applied to anything that happens which cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws. There are many examples of miracles in the Bible, with those that Jesus’ performed being the most famous.

In one example, Jesus was faced with 5,000 people who had all come to hear him preach. He’d already performed miracles of healing but realised they need were hungry. His disciples wanted to send them away, but he took five loaves and two fishes and told his disciples to feed them. The food miraculously stretched to feed every single person. You can read about the feeding of the five thousand here.

In another example, Jesus visited the house of his friend, Lazarus, after Lazarus had died four days previously. Whilst there he raised Lazarus from the dead. You can read about the raising of Lazarus here.

That’s all well and good, but miracles happened in the Bible; they don’t happen today, right?


There are many examples of Christians receiving healing and miraculous provision from God still happening today.

In the first of the films, Patricia tells of an event that happened in Jamaica when she lived there with her family. Patricia believes it to be a miracle that demonstrated God’s generous nature.

In the second film Jerry speaks of a similar event that happened to him and he too believes that this was an example of God’s provision.

What do you think?