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Benefits of a Multi-ethnic Society

A multiethnic society is when people from different races and cultures live together. There are many great things that can come from living in a multi-ethnic society including:

  • It encourages racial harmony, with people understanding each other more, learning to respect and exist peacefully together.
  • Getting to know people from different backgrounds helps bring about understanding, helping to reduce prejudice and discrimination.
  • There is less chance of war or conflict in communities if there is a greater understanding between races.
  • People share new ideas - such as technology - which leads to society progressing at a faster rate. Conversely, societies that don't have different races within them do not enjoy such good progress.
  • Different cultures living together give people greater and more interesting cultural experiences. They bring varieties of food, music, clothes, movies, and theatre.
  • It offers opportunities for people of faith to share their beliefs, encouraging others to think about their own faith. This helps to limit religious intolerance.