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Saint Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich (sometimes known as Juliana) was born in Norwich, Norfolk in 1342. She was a mystic who lived the life of a recluse as an anchoress: permanently isolated in a cell that was attached to St Julian's Church, Norwich. She devoted her life to prayer and Bible reading.

She is famous for receiving sixteen revelations in 1373, which she wrote about in her book, Revelations of Divine Love. The book made her one of the most important writers of theology, both then and now because of its historical significance as the earliest surviving English book written by a woman.

Julian has not officially been canonised (made a saint) in the Catholic Church, but she does have a feast day on May 13th each year. Furthermore, she was listed among eighteen saints and blesseds by Father Giandomenico Mucci in 1997.

Watch this video to find out more about Saint Julian.