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The Nature of Justice

Justice: Due allocation of reward and punishment: the fair treatment of someone, whether they've done something good or something bad.

Christians believe that when considering the treatment of offenders it is important to think about the circumstances of the offense. This is because true justice should always be fair. Sometimes it might be unfair to punish someone severely if there are circumstances that led to them committing a crime.

For example, someone might push someone over causing them to injure themselves. If someone pushed someone over because they enjoyed hurting others they should receive a punishment. If they've done this before, then the punishment should be harsher. However, if someone did it because they were being mugged, it could be classed as self-defense and should be treated more leniently.

The same might be said if someone steals because they are greedy as opposed to someone who steals because they are hungry.

This is why in all UK courts of law, the circumstances of the offense is considered carefully before a judgement and punishment are given. True justice is fair, does not discriminate, and punishes appropriately.