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Can the Bible be Trusted?

The question of whether or not the Bible is reliable is a fairly important one. Christians say it is God’s word given to humankind for all time. They base their lives on its stories and teaching. If the Bible is reliable it adds weight to their argument that it is important to people’s lives. Otherwise, it's no more than an interesting artefact.

So, how can Christians be sure that a collection of books written many centuries ago can be trusted? Is it simply blind faith that leads Christians to believe the Bible?

There is key evidence that Christians use to support their belief that the Bible is reliable. The first point to remember is that the Bible is not simply a storybook but is also in part the history of a nation. The Old Testament section of the Bible tells of how the Jewish nation was formed, it lays out the laws that are still followed today and gives an account of the rise and fall of kings and heroes.

Viewed in this light, it would be wrong simply to dismiss these writings as just myths without careful thought and consideration. But there is also other evidence to explore - shown here. This film argues that the Bible can be trusted - but what do you think? What questions do you still have?