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What is Cynefin?

My place in the world

Cynefin is Welsh word that means 'habitat' or 'place.' When we use this word in RE, we are really thinking about our place in the world: what shapes our belonging and identity. We are also considering how cynefin shapes our thoughts and behaviours, alongside the behaviour of other people.

Understanding the concept of cynefin, as it relates to ourselves and others, helps us to understand our place in the world and gives us a deeper respect for those around us.



You may have heard of the expression; how long is a piece of string? Meaning it could be endless! This is a bit like answering this question: there are many things that might contribute to cynefin.

Some things - such as family - might be very obvious, but there are also less obvious things that might never have occurred to you. The list below offers just a few ideas:

  • Free Family Of Four Walking At The Street Stock PhotoFamily
  • Friends
  • Faith
  • The country and town where you were born
  • Where you live - including the history and saints connected with the area, the landscape surrounding it
  • Interests and activities
  • Clubs you belong to
  • Sports you play
  • Movies you watch

All of these things give a person a sense of identity and belonging.


TASK: What contributes to your sense of cynefin? 

Create a piece of work entitled 'My Cynefin.' It should show the things that influence your sense of identity and belonging; the things that make you 'you.' Use the ideas above, and also your own ideas.

You can choose your outcome, creating one of the following:

  • Poster
  • Spider diagram
  • Acrostic poem (one where each letter of the work 'cynefin' starts the next line)
  • Rap
  • TikTok video

Of course, you don't have to choose one of these, as long as what you create shows an understanding of what things contribute to your cynefin!