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Hear about D6's Christian faith

Gospel artist, D6, was recently interviewed by Jon from Youth for Christ's UNDER_GROUND.

D6 is an eighteen-year-old Christian singer/rapper. He is the only Christian in his family and experienced a lot of violence both inside the family and at school. This influenced him in his early teens and so he became aggressive toward people at school. He would often get into trouble at school, swearing and shouting at his teachers, and bullying other students.

When he was sixteen, he went to church one day, and everything changed...

As well as being a vocalist, he also plays a number of instruments and plays in the worship band at church.

Watch the interview to hear all about his faith journey, then check out the track he recorded especially for Youth for Christ. Once you've watched the videos, answer the following questions:


  • How did D6 become a Christian?
  • What advice does D6 give to young people?
  • Listen to the music track again listening carefully to the lyrics. Why does D6 love God so much?