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Evil and Suffering

JB Gill explains his view, as a Christian, on suffering

JB Gill rose to fame as a member of one of the UK’s biggest boy bands: JLS. They dominated the charts for five years, boasting 5 number 1 singles, over 10 million record sales worldwide, and a multitude of awards.

Four years ago, JB set up a farm in the Kent countryside, where he lives with his wife, Chloe, and their two children. Now an established member of the farming community, JB has used his success within the entertainment industry to highlight his passion to educate children about the origins of their food and he is the lead presenter on ‘CBeebies’ and the BAFTA-nominated television series, ‘Down On The Farm.’

He has also presented on other TV programmes, including ‘Springtime On The Farm.’ ‘Big Week At The Zoo’ and BBC’s ‘Songs Of Praise.’

He has been a Christian all his life and has served as an ambassador for The British Red Cross, to raise awareness of the effects of climate change in some of the poorest regions in Zimbabwe. He is also an ambassador for Mercy Ships, a faith-based international development organisation that deploys hospital ships, giving free healthcare to those in need around the world.

Watch these two interviews to hear him share what he, as a Christian, thinks about suffering why, despite its presence in the world, he still believes in God.

You can find out more about JB here and information about JLS here.