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Easter: How is Good Friday remembered?

Watch the videos to find out how Christians remember Jesus' death

Good Friday is both a time of sadness and a time of thankfulness. Sadness as Christians remember the suffering that Jesus endured but thankfulness as they think about how he suffered and died as a sign of God’s love for all people. Some Christians will fast on Good Friday. This could mean missing one or more meals or avoiding some kinds of foods. This helps them remember the sacrifice Jesus made for them on the day of crucifixion.

Many churches will hold a special service on Good Friday. This may be a communion service in the evening or a time of prayer during the day, especially around 3 o'clock as that is about the time of day when Jesus died.

Some people will join processions around towns where the story of Jesus' journey to the cross is acted out or read. In some churches, pictures and statues are covered over and there will be no flowers or any other decoration. The priest will wear black. It is seen as a time of mourning.

In many towns and cities, there will be three crosses put on a high point on the outskirts, as a reminder of Jesus' crucifixion between two criminals.

Watch these videos to find out a bit more about this very special time for Christians.