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Miracles: Calming the Storm

What did Jesus do in the middle of a raging storm?

Free Crashing Waves Stock PhotoThe Gospel writers were keen to show that Jesus had power over nature. One time Jesus and the disciples were in a boat on the Lake of Galilee late one night. A storm began. It was so strong that the boat they were in was being swamped by the waves. Jesus was in the back, fast asleep. The disciples were – understandably! - afraid so they woke Jesus up. They said to him, “Lord, save us – we’re going to die!”

Jesus got up and told the winds and the seas to be calm. There was a dead calm, as they obeyed what Jesus had said. The disciples were amazed at this – after all, who has the power to control the wind and the sea?



The story of the calming of the storm is very important to Christians as it shows how in difficult times, God is able to bring peace. Today, many Christians use the story to help them to think about the trouble in their lives, the ‘storms’ that could seem to overtake them. Even in frightening and life-threatening situations God will meet them and take control.

They might also see it as a lesson about faith and fear. Jesus wants his followers to have faith - even in the most difficult of circumstances. They should not just see him as a kind, wise human leader: he is from God and he is God in a human form.

You can read this story in the Bible in Mark 4:35-41.

Did you know? This miracle links Jesus to the story of Genesis 1, where God speaks and creation happens. The Bible says that the Spirit moves on the face of the waters. Here, we see Jesus being in charge of the natural world, which shows that he is one with God; God’s Son.   Early Christians would have linked the story to the words about God found in Psalm 89:9: “You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them.”