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Worship: Art as a Form of Worship

How do Christians use art to worship God?

For two thousand years, Christians have used every kind of art to worship God and to communicate their faith. They believe that artistic talent, with every other kindĀ of gift and ability, is something that can be used for the glory of God. In many churches,

Bible stories are told in stained glass windows; God is worshipped in words and music; statues and icons act as reminders of the examples of Christians. Alongside these, bright banners show words from the Bible to remind Christians of the things that they believe and how great God is.

Some churches do not use icons and statues and have very bare buildings. This is because the Ten Commandments, teaches that it is wrong for Christians to worship images that people have made (Exodus 20: 4). In the 1500s, under the orders of Henry VIII, Christians who believed this destroyed many beautiful statues, paintings and stained glass windows in churches. This is known as iconoclasm.