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Structure of the Anglican Church

Who's who in the Anglican Church?

The Church of England is organised into two provinces or areas. Each area is led by an archbishop - The Archbishop of Canterbury for the south of England and the Archbishop of York for the north.These regions are known as provinces.

Each province is made up of dioceses, which has a bishop in charge of the diocese. Each diocese is divided into parishes.

The parish is at the very centre of the Church of England. Each parish is overseen by a parish priest (usually called a vicar or rector).

His Majesty the King is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and he also has a unique and special relationship with the Church of Scotland,
which is a Free Church.

Working alongside the ordained ministers, the church laity - anyone not a vicar, bishop or archbishop - are very often involved in the everyday running and ministry of the church. Such work may include worship leaders, youth workers, readers or administrators.

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