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Church: Denominations

Why are there different denominations?


Over the years, the Christian church has divided into different groups called denominations. Although they share the same basic beliefs, the way they do things can be very different. This family tree shows how each new denomination branched out from an older one. Click here to download the Denomination Family Tree Denomination Family tree   Denomination Timeline:

1054  "The Great Schism" - Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches divide.
1519  Martin Luther starts "The Reformation" and the Lutheran Church
1534  King Henry VIII proclaims himself head of the Church of England
1559  John Knox starts the Presbyterian Church in Scotland
1581  Robert Browne and Robert Harrison start Congregational Churches in England
1608  John Smyth starts Baptist Churches
1650  George Fox is arrested; his movement is first called 'Quakers'
1784  John Wesley's 'Methodist Society' separates from the Church of England
1820  (approx.) Brethren churches and Exclusive Brethren churches started, mainly by Christians from the Church  of England
1900  Pentecostal churches started in America
1960  (approx.) Independent Charismatic churches start in the U.K.