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The Baptist Church

What's life in a Baptist Church like?


What makes a Baptist Church different from other Christian churches is partly found in the name. Unlike some other churches the Baptist Church does not baptise infants but instead once a person has made a commitment to the Christian faith as an adult, they will then be baptised - this is called and adult or believer's baptism.

In the same way as John the Baptist baptised Jesus in the River Jordan, so at a Baptist Church people are taken under the water for a split second, in a special pool of water called a Baptistry. The church leader, called a Minister or Pastor, is in the pool with them, and lowers them under the water to show that their old life has ended - when they come back up it shows that a new life with Jesus has begun. This is a big step for anyone to take, and one which only comes when someone has really thought hard about following Jesus.

Watch these videos to find out what life is like in a Baptist Church and watch an adult baptism.