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The Free Church of Scotland

How did it start, and how is it different?

man in black and red shirt reading bookThe Free Church of Scotland has around 100 congregations all over Scotland, with approximately 12,500 people attending worship each week.

The Church is Presbyterian, which means that decisions are made by a board of elders who are chosen from the congregation. It is also reformed, which means that its teaching is biblical, and follows the pattern of belief established at the Reformation in the 16th Century.

The Free Church was established in 1843 and got its name and distinctive nature from a desire to remain free from any government influences. The Church stands firmly in the tradition which accepts the Bible in its entirety as the Word of God and, therefore, all its forms of teaching, worship, ministry, and government is based upon Biblical teaching.

The main emphasis of the Church’s worship is the preaching of the gospel: the ‘Good News’ of forgiveness and a new life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Worship in the Free Church features simple biblical praise. Most of the churches historically sing unaccompanied Psalms but some have chosen to add hymns with simple accompaniment. The central focus of the church’s worship is the Lord Jesus Christ who they believe is the ‘Word made flesh.'

The church believes that all their worship must be guided and helped by the Holy Spirit. This is also true for their everyday lives too.

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The Free Church of Scotland states: 'We believe that faith in the person and works of our Lord Jesus Christ is humanity’s greatest need since it is only by His perfect and sinless life, sacrificial death on a cross, and bodily resurrection from the dead that we can be reconciled to God and granted eternal life. To find out more visit the Free Church of Scotland's website here.