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What do Christians do at church?

What happens inside a typical church?

Whether it’s to the sound of an organ or a guitar, Christians often sing together in church. This tradition of singing praise to God goes back thousands of years. The Book of Psalms in the Bible is a collection of songs that the Israelites used to sing, telling God how awesome He was. Many songs used in church today say the same thing.
Learning about the Bible
Christians believe that the Bible contains God’s words that will help them know Him more and understand how He wants them to live. Church provides an opportunity to study the Bible with other people. Some churches will read 3 or 4 short sections from the Bible during the service – others may only choose one. The Bible readings are usually followed by a special talk, often called a sermon or homily. In the sermon, somebody (often a priest or minister, but not always) will share some thoughts on what the passage from the Bible means to Christians today.
Communion or Mass
Jesus’ death on the cross is a really important part of the Christian faith. Christians believe that when Jesus died on the cross he took God's punishment for the wrong things that they have done. Jesus said that the bread and wine shared in Communion/Mass is his body and blood. As Christians eat and drink this they remember Jesus death on the cross and thank God that because of this, He has forgiven them.
Prayers Most church services will include time to pray. Church prayers often fall into four different categories: ADORATION – Telling God how amazing He is CONFESSION – Saying sorry to God for the things which the people have done wrong, or not done as they should THANKSGIVING – Saying ‘thank you’ to God for all the good things He has done INTERCESSION – Asking God to help people – for example, for difficult situations in our world, for people who are sick.