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Adult Baptism

A number of Christians talk about their decision to be baptised

A person may choose to be baptised once they have decided for themselves that they want to live as a Christian. This is known as believers' baptism. Believers' baptism can be celebrated in a number of different ways.

One way involves the person being dipped right under the water, as Jesus was when he was baptised in the River Jordan. This could take place in a river, a church baptistry or even a swimming pool. At other times the baptism may take place around the font with the sign of the cross being made from water on the person's forehead.

Christian groups who practice adult baptism include Baptists, Brethren, Independent and Pentecostal churches, although some other churches may also baptise this way when an adult becomes a Christian.

Watch the following short films to hear Christians talk about their experience of baptism.