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An Explanation of Infant Baptism

Free Baby in White Top Stock PhotoA baby cannot decide to follow Jesus for themselves, but infant baptism - or Christening - shows that the child is included as a member of the church family. When a child is baptised the family and church members look forward to the day when the promises made on behalf of the baby become personally real for the child.

Parents who want to have their baby baptised are asked to attend baptism preparation classes so that they fully understand what they are undertaking. The baptism service itself is only the start. It is expected that the child will be brought up as a follower of Jesus.

What are Godparents for?

At an infant baptism service the child will have Godparents. These are special adults chosen by the parents of the child. Godparents promise to take a special interest in the child as he or she grows up and to encourage them in their Christian faith. They are also asked to pray for the child. Being a Godparent is a very important job.

You can watch a video of an infant baptism here.

Did you know? In the Orthodox Church babies are baptised by being dipped right under the water. In old Anglican churches in the UK, fonts are often very big because all babies used to be baptised like this. Why do you think they changed?