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Community Worship

Why do Christians worship together?

What is Worship?

Most people have experienced some form of community worship at some time. Whether that’s in a religious building, a prize-giving ceremony, a school assembly with a thought for the day or even celebrating together at a football match or gig. You get excited and can't help shouting out for joy!

It's the same for Christians; they get excited about how good God is and this results in them worshipping him.

How do Christians worship?

Sometimes they worship God on their own; other times with a group of friends. Every Sunday, and at other times of the week, Christians worship God together in church.

Each church worships in its own way; the style isn't important. What is at the heart of the worship is the important thing: Love for God.

Worship can be structured, having a fixed form of words and prayers, which is known as liturgical worship. Priests may use incense, choirs may sing hymns and communion might be celebrated (also known as the Eucharist).

Some churches have worship that is less structured, which is known as non-liturgical worship. They will include music that is led by a band, complete with drums and electric guitars. People may pray out loud, read from the Bible. dance and clap. Sometimes there can be a party atmosphere, especially if it’s a special time of year like Easter or Christmas.

Some churches, such as the Quakers, meet in silence and speak or sing when they feel God prompts them to.

Why do Christians have community worship?

By worshipping together the church community experiences fellowship with God and each other. In the words of St Paul come together as “the body of Christ”.

Christians believe that it’s important to encourage each other, pray for each other, support each other and help each other in their journey of faith.

Spending time with people is a very human thing to want to do. Worshipping together provides a sense of connectedness for Christians. It helps them to love one another, and others in their community. It also reminds them of the wider world community, that, ultimately, they are brothers and sisters together in God’s family.

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