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Different Ways of Praying

There are all kinds of different ways Christians choose to pray. Some Christians practice meditation. In this type of prayer, a Christian will think deeply about God. This involves organising a time when you will be on your own in silence. You might use something, often some sentences from the Bible which talk about God, to help you meditate.

For example, this verse from the Psalms says:

"The Lord is my Shepherd, I will lack nothing" (Psalm 23:1)

You might think closely about the words, using your imagination to picture a shepherd carefully watching over a sheep. You might ask God to help you understand more about what He is like through the words, or help you obey what He has said to you, in order to grow closer to God.

Some Christians hold prayer vigils. A vigil is a night of prayer. Jesus often prayed at night, and he spent all night praying alone before choosing his twelve disciples (Luke 6: 12-13). Christians also like to pray at night, when it is quiet and peaceful, and they can leave behind the worries of a busy day. They feel that God is close to them then, and they can listen to him speaking to their heart.

Sometimes churches organise a vigil, a special service of prayer and Bible reading. This may happen before some festivals of the church year, like Easter, to give people the opportunity to really think about the meaning of the day. It may happen at a time of particular need, like a vigil for peace.

At other times Christians may pray in very creative ways. This may include using the arts - song, painting, poetry, sculpturing, photography - as a way to pray. It may include blowing bubbles or dropping rocks in water - anything that helps a person to focus on God can be used in pray.