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What is Christian prayer?

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘prayer’? Have you ever prayed? What did you pray about? Why did you pray?

For many Christians, prayer is just the name they give to speaking to God. It includes listening and thinking, as well as talking. For many, prayer makes their relationship with God stronger, changes them and the world in which they live.

What is prayer like?

What do you do when you talk with your friends? Do you:

  • Talk about your family and other friends?
  • Dream about the future?
  • Ask them questions or advice?
  • Say sorry when you’ve messed up or thank you when they’ve done something that makes you happy?
  • Or do you just spend time not saying much, but just glad to be with them?

For many Christians, this is what prayer is like. Praying is much more than giving God a list of stuff you want Him to do, although sometimes it can seem like that. It is more to do with spending time enjoying God's company, a bit like you would do with your best friend.

There aren’t any ‘rules’ about how Christians pray. Christians pray anytime, anywhere. A lot of people find a quiet room in their home. Others might pray when they walk the dog, or when they are riding to school or work. You don't have to pray out loud, you can pray in your mind, or just be quiet and listen.

Watch these videos to gain a better understanding of what prayer means to Christians.