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Christian Worship

Different denominations explored

What would you say is the most important thing in your life?

How do you show that to other people?woman in black long sleeve shirt and white hijab

For some people, the most important thing might be a football team. They might go to see them play regularly. They might have posters of them up in their room or wear the club shirt to show people that they support them. They feel good when the team is doing well in the league and bad when they are bottom of the table.

Others might follow a band. They might have all their music on their iPod and know all the lyrics to the songs. They might know all there is to know about the band and even join a fan club. All of these things are a sign of love, admiration and dedication, in a way it is a form of worship.



The word ‘worship’ comes from the old term “worth-ship”. It literally means giving someone the honour they are worth. Christians believe that the only one worthy of true worship is in fact God. But how do Christians worship?

In Church the phrase, 'we are going to now enter into a time of worship' is often used. In the church setting this will usually mean a time of singing and praying but the early Christians would have no idea what this meant! To them everything was worship. The way they lived and for some even the way they died. Every day, hour, minute was an opportunity to worship God. to tell him how much the love him.

All that Christians do in God's service is therefore an act of worship. In fact, the Bible uses the same word for both 'worship' and 'service'. Cleaning the church building, giving money to charity, saying kind words to others, telling people about God, even doing the washing up could all be classed as worship! So when Christians gather together as a church to worship, this should really be simply a continuation of their daily life.

'Allow your grateful heart to rise up in worship, let your heart, mind and spirit rise above your daily challenges and be put into perspective in the light of God's love and favour for you.' Paul Critchley at Presence Worship

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