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Charity: Müllers

How is the work of George Müller continued today?

George Müller was born in Germany on the 27th of September 1805. Müller’s early life was marked with trouble. At the age of 16 he ended up in prison for non-payment of bills. This, however, all changed when at the age of 20 Müller became a Christian and a year later he decided that he wanted to become a missionary. Having stopped his wild behaviour of drinking, gambling, and stealing, Müller decided he wanted to devote his time to sharing with others about his Christian faith.

This is exactly what Müller did, eventually moving to Bristol where he and his wife began work establishing homes for the street children and orphans. The couple had very little money but this did not stop them as they decided to pray the money in. Over the years George Müller received nearly £1,500,000 in answer to prayer without ever needing to ask for funds. At present-day prices, this would be well over £86,000,000.

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The work of George Müller of bringing prayer and care together to transform lives continues today through Müllers.


Partnering Globally

Müllers supports individuals and organisations in 41 countries. Working in partnership with SKI and their Orphans of the World initiative they provide holistic care to the neediest on the margins of society. There are far more orphans in the world today than ever before. The care of needy orphans has been a key part of the historical identity of Müllers and has always been a focus for prayer.

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Partnering Locally

Müllers is actively growing a network of local Müller Partnerships reaching out to needy children, families and seniors in their local communities. George Müller saw a great need amongst orphaned children in the city of Bristol in the 19th Century. Looking at that same city today Müllers sees a new generation of children and young people who are still in need. Although many are not orphans in the physical sense they could be said to be emotional and spiritual orphans struggling to cope with the pressures of life. Müllers is seeking to reach them through a growing network of local Müller Partnerships and three primary initiatives.

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