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Evil and Suffering

The Problem of Evil and Suffering

At some point in their life everyone will experience some form of suffering; this is a reality from which we cannot escape. When we consider God in the context of evil and suffering, it is understandable that people have questions about His existence. Indeed, over the centuries philosophers have attempted to reconcile the idea of an omnipotent and omnibenevolent God existing alongside the presence of evil and suffering in the world.

This video provides an introduction to this complex subject, exploring the problem evil and suffering presents to believers, alongside some of the key arguments presented by a number of famous philosophers.

The accompanying written resources expand upon the contents of the video, providing a series of complementary activities to consolidate learning:

'The Problem of Evil and Suffering' Additional Material PDF

A Response to Evil and Suffering - David Hume - Additional Material PDF

Irenaeun Theodicy Additional Material PDF

Augustinian Theodicy Additional Material PDF

Vale of Soul-Making Theodicy Additional Material PDF