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Charity: Traidcraft

Fighting poverty through trade


Traidcraft aims to help the poorest people in the world through trade. They help people to set up small industries and farms that produce things such as tea, honey, toys and sweets. Traidcraft then help to sell the things for a fair price.

Christians who were saddened by all the poverty they saw in the world set up the organisation in1979.

Traidcraft was one of the main organisations that set up the Fairtrade Foundation that awards the Fairtrade Mark to products. Companies can only use the 'Fair Trade' logo on their product if they have shown they have paid a fair price for the product ingredients that they are selling.

Traidcraft puts fair trade into practice by:

  • Helping farmers and manufacturers in the developing world to benefit directly from trade by paying a fair price for the goods that are produced.
  • Supplying the widest range of fair trade products in the UK, which gives customers a choice when shopping.
  • Traidcraft put in place good practices, showing that it is possible to run a successful business in a fair way.

Next time you're in a supermarket, look out for the 'Fair Trade' logo!

To find out more about Traidcraft visit

Do you try and buy fair traded things? Next time you go shopping see if you can spot the Fairtrade symbol Is your schools a Fairtrade school? To find out more about Traidcraft in schools and to discover some great lesson ideas and fun activities visit: