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Parables: The Three Servants

Stories Jesus told


This very famous parable, sometimes known as the Parable of the Talents, teaches about the importance of doing our best to work for God. Each person is given gifts from God, it is important not to waste them. God rewards people who try to improve themselves and the lives of others,

You can also read about this parable in the Bible here.

There was a rich man who had three servants. He had to go away on a business trip so he left them in charge of his wealth. He gave 5,000 gold coins to one, 2,000 gold coins to another and then 1,000 to the last servant.
The first two servants took the money given to them and made more money out of it. The first servant earned another 5,000 coins. The second earned another 2,000.
But the third servant didn't know what to do. So he dug a hole in the ground and buried his 1,000 gold coins.
When the rich man came back he called his servants to see him. He asked them what they had done with the money. The first servant presented him with 10,000 gold coins. "Well done!" said the rich man.
The second servant presented him with 4,000 gold coins. "Well done!" said the rich man.
The third servant told the rich man, "I was scared of you, so I dug a hole and buried the money. Here is your 1,000 coins back." The rich man was angry and said, "Lazy servant! You could have put it in a bank! Then it would have at least earned interest. I am taking this money and giving it to the servant who earned 5,000 gold coins. As for you, you're fired!"