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Festivals: Lent Today

How do Christians do Lent today?


For hundreds of years Christians have given things up at Lent. Traditionally, people ate pancakes on Shrove Tuesday to use up all the unhealthy treats in the cupboard, before they went through 40 days of 'fasting,' not eating anything.

Many Christians today still follow this route, enjoying pancake day and giving up stuff like chocolate for 40 days. But there are others who choose to do Lent a bit differently. Instead of Lent being a time when people give things up, it has become a time to give something back.

40 Acts is a campaign led by Christians that challenges people to spend the 40 days of Lent doing acts of kindness to others. Every day during Lent, those who have signed up receive an email with an idea for a way that they could be generous that day. People are then encouraged to share their pictures and stories with others on social media.

It is not only churches that have pledged to 'do Lent generously'. Many schools have taken up the challenge. You can find more about how your school could get involved here.