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A space for resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith
“A huge resource to treasure.”
Lat Blaylock, Editor, RE Today

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Bible Quest

Introducing the Bible Quest Series

Join Sam in a quest through the Christian Bible.

This introductory video explains the Bible; how it's structured and some of what it contains.

The Bible Quest animated series begins with the creation of the world and everything in it, and how the first people that God created chose to do things their own way, rather than God's way. The journey continues with God starting over with a flood that covered the whole earth, and how God chose one family, Abraham, and Sarah, to be the parents of God's people, the Israelites.

Learn about some of the most important Israelites, like Moses, David, Isaiah, and Daniel, and for Christians, the most important of all, Jesus. The series looks at Jesus' life and teachings, and how He was unjustly punished on a Cross. But that's not the end. Jesus came back to life and sent the Holy Spirit to come to earth and work through people who believed Jesus' message.

Come on this exciting journey through the Christian Bible and learn about why this is the most important book for Christians around the world.

The first Bible Quest video, 'The Creation Story', can be found here.