How did the Church begin?

  • What is Pentecost?

    Pentecost is an important festival in the Christian calendar. It is celebrated 50 days after Easter Sunday. Many Christians call it the Church's birthday - but why?

    Before he died, Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem and he would send the Holy Spirit to them. This event happened at a special Pentecost, 2000 years ago. Find out more about the story here, or read it for yourself.

    Pent 1

    During Pentecost - an important Jewish festival - Jesus' followers were together in Jerusalem, praying and worshipping God.


    Pent 2

    Suddenly, there was a sound like a rushing wind throughout the house. They saw tongues of fire which seemed to rest on their heads. This was God's Holy Spirit.

  • Pent 3

    The disciples were able to speak in languages they had never even heard before.

    Pent 4

    There were lots of people in Jerusalem from countries across the world. They were amazed when they heard the disciples telling them about God - and in their own language. Others just thought the disciples were drunk!

    Pent 5

    Peter, one of Jesus' closest friends, told them it was too early for drinking. Instead, God's Spirit was with them, helping them tell people from across the world that Jesus was alive and God's chosen king.

  • Pent 6

    The people asked Peter, 'What should we do?'

    Pent 7

    Peter told them to turn away from their old lives and believe in Jesus. As a sign of their new life living God's way, they would be baptised and receive God's Holy Spirit for themselves.

    Pent 8

    According to the Bible, 3000 people listened to Peter that day and were baptised.

  • Pent 9

    The new followers began to meet together, sharing their food and possessions and praising God together. And that's how the Church was born.


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