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How is Jesus connected to this concept? (Easier)


Atonement is important to Christians. It tells us why Jesus died.

If you break the word up, you can see ‘at one’ at the start. Like this: ‘at-one-ment’.

Christians believe they were once far from God, and that when Jesus died, they can be close to God or ‘at one.’

This is what Christians celebrate every year at Easter and at church.

But why were people far from God?

There is a big story in the Bible called the ‘salvation story’. The Bible begins with Genesis and the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve lived there. God told them not to eat the apple, but they didn’t listen.

  • God made the world.
  • He made people to look after it.
  • He wanted people to be friends and be kind to each other.
  • But people didn’t do as they were told. This is called sin.

Sin puts people far from God. Christians believe when Jesus died on the cross, people were able to be close to God again.

This is atonement: we were once far from God but are now close to Him because Jesus died in our place.

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