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Different Christian Views About Life After Death

All Christians believe in life after death, however, they sometimes have different views about what it is going to be like. The following represents the key areas of disagreement...

  • Heaven and Hell: Some Christians believe that heaven and hell will be physical places but others believe they are more likely to be spiritual ideas.
  • Judgement and Resurrection: Some Christians believe that at the end of times all will be judged and be bodily raised from the dead. Others feel that it will be a spiritual resurrection.
  • Who gets into heaven? Many Christians believe that in order to enter heaven you have to believe and have faith in Jesus. However, others believe that people who have lived good, honest lives filled with helping others may enter.


Why is belief in life after death important to Christians?

Belief in life after death is important to Christians today as it shapes the way they think and how they live their lives.

For example, someone who believes that helping others may earn them a place in heaven may devote lots of their time to good works. Someone who believes that just having faith in Jesus is enough for them to enter heaven may put more of a focus on their faith.