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Christian Responses to Non-religious Views of the Cosmological Argument

The cosmological argument

Non-religious Attitudes to the Cosmological Argument

Non-religious people, such as atheists and humanists, believe that the cosmological argument doesn't offer proof of the existence of God. This is because they have a tendency to only believe things that can be proved scientifically.

They feel that: 

  • There is no real evidence to prove that the world was 'caused.'
  • Even if there was evidence for causation, there is no proof that God was the first cause.
  • Furthermore, even if everything is caused, it doesn't mean the world has a cause.
  • The idea that God caused the world into being is outdated; science gives a better explanation about the origin of the universe, such as the big bang theory and the theory of evolution.
  • Science has disproved the idea that everything which exists has to have a cause. Quantum Physics suggests that at a sub-atomic level there may be random movement; there are things that exist which do not have causes themselves.
  • The world is so imperfect; if God designed it then surely he'd have created one which didn't have evil and suffering in it? Why would a good God create volcanoes and horrific weather conditions?
  • If everything has a cause, what caused God?

Christian Responses

Many Christians believe science and the cosmological argument can complement each other. Science actually supports this argument. Some Christians believe that God caused the big bang, which in turn caused the universe into being. They might argue that God caused the process of evolution to begin, which continues to this day.

Furthermore, they argue that scientific theories about the origin of the universe are just theories. Although there is evidence to support them, these theories - the big bang and evolution - are not actually provable either. 

Non-religious people might argue that the world couldn't have been created by God because of the problems in it. However, Christians may argue that problems in the environment are sometimes down to the poor way that humans have treated the planet.

Additionally, Christians believe that God cannot be fully understood. We can't know everything that God has planned for the world, therefore we have to trust him, reaching out to those who experience suffering.