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The Bible: Is it Relevant Today?



Christians believe that the Bible was written by men, BUT that God told them what to write.

The Bible has 66 sections. They are called books. Christians believe each of them is special.

Christians read it together in the church, or on their own at home. It helps them learn about God. It shows them how to live a good life.

Because it was written such a long time ago, some people think we don’t need to read it now. This is because we don’t live the same way that people did thousands of years ago, when the Bible was written.

Christians think that, even though the Bible is really old, it is just as important today. These are some of the things that they use it for:

What is God like?

Christians use the Bible to help them know God. One example is:

And so, we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love.’ John 4:16.

This tells Christians that God loves them.

 God can help

The Bible also has lots of stories about how God helps people. One good is example is the story of Moses. This story shows how God helped Moses escape Egypt and finally arrive at the Promised Land: Israel.

This story shows that God never leaves people. He helps them when they need it. 

What God cares about

The Bible tells Christians that God wants people to be nice to each other. Christians should help people who have no money. They should also help people who are ill. God doesn’t like it when people treat each other badly. He says we should do all we can to be kind.

Understanding how God wants us to live

The Bible has a set of rules. These are called the Ten Commandments. These rules include telling people not to kill, steal and lie.

Christians think that these rules are still very important today.

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