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Why is Prayer Important to Christians?

Prayer: Communication with God.

The Nature of Prayers

Prayer is the way in which Christians communicate with God. Because they have their prayers answered by God, many feel this proves he exists. A common prayer may involve saying thank you to God, praising him for how wonderful he is. Sometimes it can be a 'sorry' to God for things that they've done, or a request for something that is needed.

Prayer can be done in different ways, such as:

  • Communally, with many people in the same church.
  • Alone, spoken out loud.
  • Internal conversation with God.
  • In a small group.
  • A traditional set of prayers, such as the Anglican Liturgy.
  • Prayer vigils.


The importance of Prayers

Prayer is highly important to Christians for a number of reasons, including:

  • Jesus taught that it was important when he showed the disciples how to pray (the Lord's Prayer).
  • It makes Christians feel closer to God.
  • Their faith is strengthened when they see prayers being answered.
  • They can get to know God better, gaining a greater understanding of what he is like.
  • Prayer brings them great comfort as they feel God is listening to them.