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A space for resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith
“A huge resource to treasure.”
Lat Blaylock, Editor, RE Today

We are delighted to share with you our library of resources. You can use the filter feature below to find topics most relevant to your curriculum.


A Catholic Church Tour

St Wilfrid's, Northwich

A Day in the Life of a Monk

Read through this timeline to find out how a monk's day is structured...

A Guided Tour of St. Davids Cathedral

Explore St. Davids Cathedral with Canon Dorrien Davies

A Life Dedicated to God

What is it like to be a monk, a friar or a nun?

A Virtual Tour of John Wesley's Chapel

A Virtual Tour of Westminster Cathedral

A Virtual Tour of York Minster

A Welsh Chapel

What is life like in a Welsh Chapel?

An Anglican Church Tour

St Mary's, Nantwich

Bible Quest: The Beginning of Paul's story

What happened to change Saul into Paul?

Christian Symbols

What do the Christian symbols mean?

Christian Symbols

What do these Christian symbols mean?


A simple, interactive resource introducing church

Church Colours

What colours are used throughout the Roman Catholic year?

Church Colours of the Year

Why are special colours used during the church year?

Church Tour

Explore the key features of three different churches


A video exploration of communion


What do Christians remember during communion?


A simple, interactive resource introducing communion

Different Features of a Church

A tour of a church

Different Styles of Christian Worship

How do Christians use music in worship?

Dress a Vicar

An interactive resource exploring the colours that are used at special times in the church

Easter: A Catholic Celebration of Maundy Thursday

What happens during a Catholic Maundy Thursday service?


Christians United

How does the Church serve the community?

What happens in churches during the week?

Independent Churches

What is life like in an independent church?

Inside a Church...

What can you find inside a church?

Inside an Orthodox Church

Explore the key features of an Orthodox church

Life in the Church of Scotland

Sacraments in the Church of Scotland

Roman Catholic Sacraments

What are the seven sacraments?

St Davids Cathedral

Enjoy a virtual tour of the cathedral...

St. Davids Cathedral, Cymraeg

Explore St. David's Cathedral with Canon Dorian Davies

The Baptist Church

What's life in a Baptist Church like?

The Church of Scotland

What is worship in the Church of Scotland like?

The Early Church

What were the very first churches like?

The Methodist Movement

How did the Methodist Church start?

The Pentecostal Church

Beliefs and Practises

The Quakers

What does it mean to be a Quaker?

The Salvation Army

What is it like to be a member of the Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army

How did the Salvation Army get started?

The Trinity: God, The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The United Reform Church

What is the URC?

The Wild Goose

A Christian response to homelessness

Tyr Pererin

House of the Pilgrim, St Davids

Vicar Robes

What do the colour of the vicar's robes mean?

Visit Three Types of Church

Come & see inside different types of church buildings

Worship Through Art

Stained glass windows at St Mary's Church, Iffley

Worship: Christian Art

How can ancient Celtic art influence contemporary Christian art?