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A space for resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith

We are delighted to share with you our library of resources. You can use the filter feature below to find topics most relevant to your curriculum.


A Catholic Church Tour

St Wilfrid's, Northwich

An Anglican Church Tour

St Mary's, Nantwich

Platinum Jubilee Resources

Free lower primary book and resources

A Christian View of Prayer

A simple, interactive resource introducing prayer

A Rocha

Christians caring for the natural world


What kind of love does God have for people?

Animal Rights

Art as a Form of Worship

How do Christians use art to worship God?


Why did Jesus die for humanity? (Easier)

Bible Quest

Introducing the Bible Quest Series

Bible Quest Timeline

What is the big story running through the Bible?

Bible Quest: Abraham & Sarah

How did Judaism begin?

Bible Quest: Calling of the Disciples

Who were Jesus' Disciples?

Bible Quest: Daniel

Why was Daniel thrown in the lion's den?

Bible Quest: David

Who was David and why was he important?

Bible Quest: Forgiveness

Why is it so important?

Bible Quest: Holy Week

What is Easter so important to Christians?

Bible Quest: Holy Week and Easter

What is so important about Easter for Christians?

Bible Quest: Isaiah

How does God speak to people through prophets?

Bible Quest: Jesus' Baptism and Temptation

What happened when Jesus was baptised?

Bible Quest: Jonah

What happened to Jonah when he ran away from God?

Bible Quest: Judges & Kings

Who were the Judges and Kings of Israel?

Bible Quest: Kingdom of God

Bible Quest: Moses

How did God save His people from the Egyptians?

Bible Quest: Noah

An interactive game exploring the story of Noah

Bible Quest: Noah and the Flood

Why did God flood the world?

Bible Quest: Pentecost

What happened to Jesus' disciples during the festival of Pentecost?

Bible Quest: Pilgrimage

What is a pilgrimage?

Bible Quest: Revelation

What does the Bible say about the future?

Bible Quest: Stewardship

Why do Christians believe they should care for the world?

Bible Quest: The 10 Commandments

What rules for living did God give Moses?

Bible Quest: The Ascension

What happened after Jesus was raised from the dead?

Bible Quest: The Beginning of Paul's story

What happened to change Saul into Paul?

Bible Quest: The Creation Story

What does the Bible say about creation?

Bible Quest: The Creation Story

Where did everything come from?

Bible Quest: The Creation Story

An interactive exploration of the Christian Creation Story

Bible Quest: The Crucifixion

An animated retelling of the crucifixion

Bible Quest: The Exile to Babylon

What was the Exile to Babylon?

Bible Quest: The Fall

Where did sin come from?

Bible Quest: The Good News

What did Jesus do that is so great?

Bible Quest: The Last Supper and Arrest

An animated retelling

Bible Quest: The Lord's Prayer

What did Jesus teach about how to pray?

Bible Quest: The Miracles of Jesus

Why did Jesus do miracles?

Bible Quest: The Nativity Story

What happened at the first Christmas?

Bible Quest: The Nature of God

What is God like?

Bible Quest: The New Testament

What does the New Testament contain?

Bible Quest: The Old Testament

Bible Quest: The Prodigal Son

What does this parable teach about forgiveness?

Bible Quest: The Teachings of Jesus

What did Jesus teach?

Bible Quest: Zacchaeus Quiz

How well do you know the story of Zacchaeus?

Charity: Send a Cow

Christianity in action, helping the poor...

Charity: Traidcraft

Fighting poverty through trade

Christian Symbols

What do the Christian symbols mean?

Christmas Traditions

Where did our Christmas traditions start?

Christmas: Advent

What makes advent a special time for Christians?

Christmas: Advent calendars

How has this tradition changed over the years?

Christmas: Christingle

What is a Christingle and how do you make one?

Christmas: Drag and Drop Game

What is the story behind the Christmas celebrations?

Christmas: How do Christians Celebrate Jesus' Birth?

Discover the Christmas traditions.

Christmas: Pairs Game

Find out more about Christmas as you play along with this interactive game

Christmas: The Bible Story

What do we learn about Christmas in the Bible?

Christmas: The First Christmas

What happened at the first Christmas?

Christmas: The Nativity Story

What happened at the first Christmas?

Christmas: The Nativity Story

What happened at the first Christmas?

Christmas: Who's who in the Christmas story?

Learn about the people in the Christmas Story

Christmas: Why do we have a tree at Christmas?

Why do Christians decorate Christmas trees?


A simple, interactive resource introducing church

Church Tour

Explore the key features of three different churches

Church: A Vicar

An interactive resource exploring the colours that are used at special times in the church

Church: A Welsh Chapel

What is life like in a Welsh Chapel?

Church: Colours

What colours are used throughout the Roman Catholic year?

Church: Colours of the Year

Why are special colours used during the church year?

Church: Communion

A video exploration of communion

Church: Communion

A simple, interactive resource introducing communion

Church: Different Features of a Church

A tour of a church

Church: Harvest Festival

What happens during a harvest festival?

Church: How does the Church serve the community?

What happens in churches during the week?

Church: Independent Churches

What is life like in an independent church?

Church: Inside a Church...

What can you find inside a church?

Church: Inside an Orthodox Church

Explore the key features of an Orthodox church

Church: Meet a Christian

What does it mean to be a Christian?

Church: Saints

What makes a person a saint?

Church: Symbols

What do these Christian symbols mean?

Church: The Baptist Church

What's life in a Baptist Church like?

Church: The Methodist Movement

How did the Methodist Church start?

Church: The Salvation Army

What is it like to be a member of the Salvation Army?

Church: Vicar Robes

What do the colour of the vicar's robes mean?


What do Christians remember during communion?

Creation: How Much Do You Know?

Drag and drop game to test your knowledge

Creation: Pairs Game

What does the Bible tell us about how the world was created?

Easter: Chocolate Eggs

What has chocolate got to do with Easter?

Easter: Drag and Drop Game

Can you retell the Easter story?

Easter: Holy Week

A series of videos exploring the events of Holy Week

Easter: Home Learning Pack

What is Easter all about?

Easter: Lent

What do Christians remember during Lent?

Easter: Make an Easter Garden

Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter Garden?

Easter: Pairs Game

An interactive exploration of this important festival

Easter: Palm Sunday

An animated version of the events of Palm Sunday

Easter: Resurrection

Easter: Resurrection Evidence

What happened to Jesus' body?

Easter: Shrove Tuesday

What do pancakes have to do with Easter?

Easter: The Anointing

An animated retelling


What is an evangelist?

Exploring Creation

Who created the world?

Faith: Christian Practices

Faith: Giving Back to God

What does the Bible say about giving money to God?

Faith: Inspired Art

How has their faith inspired these artists and their work?

Faith: What is a Christian?

How does someone become a Christian?

Festivals: A Harvest Story

Learn all about Harvest through the story of Squeak the mouse

Festivals: All Saints' Day

Why is All Saints' Day celebrated?

Festivals: Harvest

What is so special about a Harvest loaf?

Festivals: Harvest Festival

A brief interactive activity

Festivals: Harvest Fun

An interactive game for exploring harvest festival

Festivals: Lent Today

How do Christians do Lent today?

God's Response to Sin

Why did Jesus die on the cross?

God: What do Christians Believe?

A fun exploration of Christian belief about God

Issues: Money

What does the Bible have to say about wealth?


Who is Jesus and what do we know about him?

Jesus Baptism

What happened when Jesus was baptised?

Jesus' Birth Story

Was Jesus the Messiah that everyone was waiting for?

Jesus' Miracles

What are miracles and what do Christians believe they tell us about Jesus?

Jesus: Faith

What did Jesus teach about faith?

Jesus: His Life Story

What are some of the important events in Jesus' life?

Jesus: In One Word

Christians describe Jesus in one word...

Jesus: Incarnation

Why is Christmas so important to Christians?

Jesus: Resurrection

What is so important about the resurrection?

Jesus: Salvation

What is salvation? (Easier)

Jesus: Teaching on Sharing

What can we learn from the widow who gave just two coins away?

Jesus: The Easter Story

Who was this man?

Jesus: The Greatest Commandment

Find out about agape love

Jesus: The Greatest Commandment

What does it mean for Christians to love God and to love others?

Life After Death

What do Christians believe happens after they die?

Miracles: A Catch of Fish

What can Christians learn from this miracle?

Miracles: Blind Bartimaeus

Jesus heals a blind man

Miracles: Calming the Storm

Even the weather obeys Jesus!

Miracles: Healing of the Paralysed Man

What does this miracle teach Christians?

Miracles: Healing of the Ten Lepers

What happened when ten men were healed from leprosy?

Miracles: Lake Stories

What was it like to witness Jesus' miracles?

Miracles: One Christian's Experience

Does God interact with people today?

Parables: Pairs Game

What parables do you know?

Parables: Sheep and Goats

What does this parable teach Christians?

Parables: The Good Samaritan

How are we to treat others? Jesus teaches about loving others

Parables: The Good Samaritan

Stories Jesus told

Parables: The Good Samaritan

Would you stop and help someone in need?

Parables: The Lost Coin and the Lost Sheep

What can Christians learn through these parables?

Parables: The Lost Son

Why does a father wait for his lost son?

Parables: The Lost Son

What happened when a foolish son wasted all his father's money on parties and expensive gifts?

Parables: The Lost Son

How can you be generous with your forgiveness?

Parables: The Rich Young Man

What is really important? Find out what Jesus thought in this film.

Parables: The Seed Sower

What did Jesus mean when He told the story of the Seed Sower?

Parables: The Talents

How can we make the most of the gifts that we have?

Parables: The Three Servants

Stories Jesus told

Parables: The Unforgiving Servant

How many times must Christians forgive someone?

Parables: The Wise & Foolish Builders

What can Christians learn from this story?

Parables: The Wise and Foolish Builders

What happened to the house that was built on sand and the house that was built on rock?

Paul's Conversion Experience

Paul changes his mind about Christianity


How did the Church begin?

People: Amy Carmichael

Why did Amy set up the Dohnavur Fellowship?

People: Saint Andrew

What do we know about the patron saint of Scotland?

People: Saint David

The Patron Saint of Wales

People: Saint George

The patron saint of England

People: Saint Peter

What do we know about Jesus' disciple?

People: St. Francis of Assisi

Why is St Francis so famous?


What is pilgrimage, and why do people go on them?

Pilgrimage: Special Places

What makes a place special?

Pilgrimage: The Two Saints Way

What is is like to go on a pilgrimage?

Piligrimage: Important places Christians Visit

Where do Christians go on pilgrimage?

Places: Canterbury Cathedral

A virtual tour around one of the most important church buildings in the world

Places: St. Davids Cathedral

Take a virtual tour of this remarkable building

Places: St. Davids Cathedral, Cymraeg

Explore St. David's Cathedral with Canon Dorian Davies

Places: Tyr Pererin

House of the Pilgrim, St David's

Places: Westminster Abbey

Take a virtual tour of the queen's abbey.

Places: Westminster Cathedral

Take a virtual tour around this spectacular building

Places: York Minster

Take a virtual tour around this cathedral


How and why do Christians pray?


How does God speak to people today?

Prayer and Worship

Why are these so important to Christians?

Prayer: How do Christians View Prayer?

What is prayer?

Prayer: The Lord's Prayer

An in-depth look at the Lord's Prayer

Rites of Passage

What are the main rites of passage in Christianity?

Rites of Passage: Adult Baptism

What happens when a Christian decides to be baptised?

Rites of Passage: Baptism

Why is baptism important for Christians?

Rites of Passage: Baptism and Confirmation

An Interactive Introduction to Baptism and Confirmation

Rites of Passage: Confirmation

What is confirmation?

Rites of Passage: Dedication

What happens during a dedication service?

Rites of Passage: Funerals

How do Christians remember someone who has died?

Rites of Passage: Infant Baptism

What happens during an infant baptism?

Rites of Passage: Infant Baptism

A simple, interactive resource introducing infant baptism

Rites of Passage: Roman Catholic Sacraments

What are the seven sacraments?

Rites of Passage: Wedding Ceremony

What happens during a Christian wedding ceremony?

Rites of Passgae: Confirmation

What happens during a confirmation service?

Sermon on the Mount: Prayer

Jesus' teaching on prayer

Sermon on the Mount: Worry

Why be anxious?


What do Christians believe about caring for the environment?


What does it mean to be a 'good steward'?

The Apostles' Creed

What do Christians believe?

The Bible

An interactive introduction to the Bible

The Bible

What is the Bible?

The Bible: A Roman Catholic View

What does a Catholic friar have to say about the Bible?

The Bible: Abraham

A special promise from God

The Bible: An Introduction

What is so special about the Bible?

The Bible: An Overview

The story of the Bible in 5 minutes

The Bible: Daniel in the Lions Den

Stories from the Bible

The Bible: David and Goliath

Stories from the Bible

The Bible: Different Interpretations

Which version of the Bible is best?

The Bible: Elijah

What do we learn about God through Elijah's story?

The Bible: Feeding of the 5,000

What can Christians learn from this story?

The Bible: How do Christians use the Bible?

How do Christians view the Bible?

The Bible: Is it Relevant Today?


The Bible: Is it Relialbe?

Is the Bible historically accurate?

The Bible: Jonah

What can Christians learn about God from Jonah's story?

The Bible: Joseph and His Dreams

Stories from the Bible

The Bible: New Testament

Explore some stories from the New Testament

The Bible: Noah

What can we learn about God through the story of Noah?

The Bible: Noah and the Flood

Stories from the Bible

The Bible: Noah Pairs Game

Who was this man of faith and what did God promise him?

The Bible: Old Testament

Explore some stories from the Old Testament

The Bible: Ruth

Stories from the Bible

The Bible: The Story of Moses

What can Christians learn from the life of Moses?

The Bible: Translations

Why has the Bible been translated into many languages?

The Bible: Zacchaeus

What does this story teach Christians?

The Bible: Zacchaeus meets Jesus

What happens when Jesus visits a very greedy tax collector?

The Big Christmas Quiz!

How well do you know the Christmas story?

The Creation Story

What does the book of Genesis say about creation?

The Good News: Christians in Sport

What does it mean to be part of Christians in Sport?

The Names of Jesus

The 'I ams'...

The Nature and Purpose of Pilgrimage

Why is pilgrimage so important to Christians?

The Pentecostal Church

Beliefs and Practises

The Resurrection

What do Christians believe happened on Easter Sunday?

The Trinity: An Introduction

What do Christians believe about God?

Trinity: God, The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?

What is the Bible?

Join Jack as he visits a library and learns all about the Bible

What is the Bible?

An exploration of this very important book

What's it like being a Christian?

A young Christian shares his thoughts...

Why is it Christmas Important to Christians?

The story of Christmas in the Bible

Worship: Christian Art

How can ancient Celtic art influence contemporary Christian art?