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How does God reveal himself to Christians?

Revelation: The act of providing truth or knowledge that has not been known or seen before, usually by contact with God.

Christians throughout history have claimed to have had an encounter with God, during which God revealed something about himself. They feel that revelation offers proof that God exists.

God can be revealed through each of the following:


The fact that God reveals himself through these things shows Christians that God loves to communicate with humans. It tells them that at the same time as being God, he is also very close to them.

Divergent Christian Opinions About Revelation

Christians have different ideas about revelation. Most accept that God does reveal himself to Christians today, however, they can disagree on the ways in which he does it. For example, some Christians may not accept that God reveals himself through visions and dreams.

Also, Christians might disagree about which forms of revelation are the most important. Even if they accept that God reveals himself through the forms listed above, some Christians believe the Bible is the best and most reliable form of revelation.