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A space for resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith

We are delighted to share with you our library of resources. You can use the filter feature below to find topics most relevant to your curriculum.


Issues: Evil and Suffering

JB Gill explains his view, as a Christian, on suffering

Social Justice: A Christian Repsonse

An interview with Christian activist, Shane Claiborne


What kind of love does God have for people?


How is Jesus connected to this concept? (Easier)

Atonement: Barabbas' Story

What can we learn about atonement from the story of the Barabbas?

Bible: An Overview

The Story of the Bible in 5 minutes

Bible: How is the Bible helpful for Christians?

What can the Bible teach them?

Bible: The Big Story

A modern parable, telling the Bible's story, from beginning to end...

Charity: Tearfund

An exploration of the work of Tearfund

Charity: Traidcraft

How does Traidcraft help the poorest of people?

Church: Communion

What do Christians celebrate at Communion, and why is it so important?

Church: How does the Church serve the community?

What happens in churches during the week?

Church: What do Christians do at church?

What happens inside a typical church?

Creation: Did God Make Dinosaurs?

Why aren't they mentioned in the Bible?

Creation: Science vs Religion

Could they both be right?

Different Ways of Praying

Easter: John's Eyewitness Account

Why is Easter so important to Christians?

Evil and Suffering: A Christian Response

What do Christians think about suffering?

Evil and Suffering: A Christian Response

If God is a saviour, how come bad things still happen?

Faith: Inspired Art

How has their faith inspired these artists and their work?

Faith: The Nicene Creed

What do all Christians believe?

Faith: Why Do People Choose to Follow Jesus Today?

Christians explain the reason for their faith

Free Will

What do Christians believe about choice and free will?

How can a good God allow suffering?

Where is God in the midst of suffering?

How do Christians make moral decisions?

Deciding right and wrong...

Issues: Moral Choices

How do Christians decide what is right or wrong?

Jesus Baptism

What happened when Jesus was baptised?

Jesus' Birth Story

Was Jesus the Messiah that everyone was waiting for?

Jesus' Teaching: The Widow's Mite

What did Jesus teach about giving?

Jesus: Incarnation

Why is Christmas so important to Christians?

Jesus: John's Prologue

Introducing Jesus, Son of God, Messiah...

Jesus: Key Questions Answered

What do we know about Jesus?

Jesus: Salvation

What is salvation? (Higher)

Jesus: The Cross

How can Jesus' death make a difference today?

Jesus: The Greatest Commandment

Find out about agape love

Jesus: The Kingdom of God

What did Jesus teach about the Kingdom of God?

Jesus: The Lord's Prayer

What did Jesus teach about prayer?

Jesus: The Messiah

An exploration into why Jesus is believed to be the Messiah promised in the Old Testament

Jesus: The Sermon on the Mount

What did Jesus teach people?

Jesus: The Word

An Exploration of John Chapter 1

Life After Death

What do Christians believe happens after they die?

Made in God's Image

What does 'imagio Dei' mean?

Miracles: Healing of the Paralysed Man

What does this miracle teach Christians?

Miracles: Jairus' daughter

Jesus brings a girl back to life

Miracles: Jesus Feeds the 5000

An illustrated retelling of this miracle

Miracles: Jesus Heals a Blind Man

What happened when Jesus met people who were unwell?

Miracles: The Raising of Lazarus

Lazarus' sister tells us what happened when Jesus raised him from the dead

Parables: Sheep and Goats

What does this parable teach Christians?

Parables: The Good Samaritan

What does this parable teach Christians?

Parables: The Kingdom of God

Why did Jesus teach using stories?


How did the Church begin?

Pentecost: The Gift of the Holy Spirit

What do Christians celebrate at Pentecost?

People: Lord Shaftesbury

What was so special about Lord Shaftesbury?

People: Mother Teresa

Why is Mother Teresa so famous?

People: Pierre-Marie Theas

An example of agape love in action

People: Thomas Barnardo

What did Thomas Barnardo do that is so significant?

Prophetic Art

Can God speak to people through art?

Rites of Passage: Christian Funerals

What happens at a Christian funeral?

Rites of Passage: Funerals

What does a Christian funeral look like?

Salvation: God's Rescue Plan for Humanity

What happened when God died?

Salvation: God's Response to Sin

What do Christians believe happened when Jesus died?

Salvation: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?


Science and Faith: Is Science Provable?

Sermon on the Mount: Adultery and Divorce

What did Jesus say about adultery and divorce?

Sermon on the Mount: Charity and Prayer

What did Jesus have to say about attitudes to charity and prayer?

Sermon on the Mount: Forgiveness

What did Jesus teach about revenge & reconciliation?

Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes

What did Jesus have to say about being blessed?

Sermon on the Mount: The Law

What should our attitude to the law be?


What do Christians mean by the word 'sin'?


What is sin?

Social Justice: Compassion International

How does Compassion International tackle poverty?

Social Justice: David Nasmith and the Glasgow City Mission

How did this amazing work begin?

Social Justice: International Justice Mission

A Christian response to suffering

Social Justice: Tearfund

A Christian response to world poverty...

Social Justice: The Wild Goose

A Christian response to homelessness

Stewardship: Little Things-Big Impact

What do Christians believe their role should be?

The Ascension

What is remembered on Ascension Day?

The Bible: How do Christians use the Bible?

How do Christians view the Bible?

The Bible: Is it Relevant Today?


The Bible: When and where do Christians read the Bible?

Engagement with the word of God

The Fall: A Christian Response to Evil and Suffering

Why do people do bad things?

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

What does the Holy Spirit do?

The Good News: Christians in Sport

What does it mean to be part of Christians in Sport?

The Resurrection

What do Christians believe happened on Easter Sunday?

The Trinity

What is the Trinity?

The Trinity: The Bible vs the Apostles' Creed

The Trinity

Trinity: God the Father

Who is Father God?

Trinity: God the Son

Who is God the Son?

Trinity: God, The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?

What are the Key Christian Beliefs About Sin?

What is meant by sin and what are the consequences of sin?

What is God Like?

Discover the nature of God through the story of Jonah

Why do Christians Believe in Life After Death?

Why is Jesus' death so important to Christians?


Why is Jesus' Resurrection so Important to Christians?

Three Christians explain their views...

Worship: Art as a Form of Worship

How do Christians use art to worship God?

Worship: Christian Art

How can ancient Celtic art influence contemporary Christian art?