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A space for resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith

We are delighted to share with you our library of resources. You can use the filter feature below to find topics most relevant to your curriculum.


Issues: Evil and Suffering

JB Gill explains his view, as a Christian, on suffering

Social Justice: A Christian Repsonse

An interview with Christian activist, Shane Claiborne

Bible: An Overview

The Story of the Bible in 5 minutes

Bible: The Big Story

A modern parable, telling the Bible's story, from beginning to end...

Can Science and a Belief in God be Compatible?

One Christian's perspective

Charity: Glasgow City Mission

How does Glasgow City Mission support people?

Charity: Micah Global

How do Christians respond to the challenge of world poverty and injustice?

Charity: Muller Partnerships

How is the work of George Muller continued today?

Charity: Samaritan's Purse

How does the organisation respond to humanitarian disasters?

Charity: Send a Cow

How does Send a Cow help the poor in Africa?

Charity: Tearfund

An exploration of the work of Tearfund

Charity: The Leprosy Mission

How have Christians responded to suffering in the world?

Charity: Traidcraft

How does Traidcraft help the poorest of people?

Conversion Experience

Cymraeg and English versions

Conversion Experience

Learn from Christians about why they decided to follow Christ...

Conversion Experience

How can a new faith impact someone's life?

Conversion Experience: A Changed Life

From criminal to Christian

Creation: Science vs Religion

Could they both be right?

Creation: Science vs Religion

Is it possible for the scientific and biblical accounts of creation to be compatible?

Creation: The Anthropic Theory

God in Creation: The 'Anthropic Principle'

Creation: Theory of Evolution

God in Creation: 'Irreducible Complexity'

Does God Exist? Science & Faith

Can they be compatible?

Does God Exist? The Classical Arguments

What are the Classical Arguments for God's existence?

Does God Exist? The Modern Arguments

What are the Modern Arguments for God's existence?

Evil and Suffering: A Christian Response

What do Christians think about suffering?

Evil and Suffering: A Christian Response

What is Tearfund's vision and purpose?

Evil and Suffering: A Christian Response

If God is a saviour, how come bad things still happen?

Evil and Suffering: Where Does Evil Come From?

A Christian view

Free Will

What do Christians believe about choice and free will?

Freedom from Addiction

Emma's Testimony

God, Science and Faith

Does science disprove religion?

God: A Christian Response to Evil and Suffering

If God exists why does he allow suffering?

God: Christians in Science

Does Christianity and science always have to be in conflict?

God: Does God Exist?

Reasons for belief in God

God: Evidence for His Existence

Where can we find proof that he exists?

God: How Can We Be Sure He Exists?

What is God like?

How can a good God allow suffering?

Where is God in the midst of suffering?

Intelligent Design

Was God involved in the creation of the world?

Miracles: Calming the Storm

What did Jesus do in the middle of a raging storm?

Miracles: Do they still occur?

Listen to some examples of miracles experienced by Christians today

Miracles: Full Nets Again

Who was the man who told Peter and his friends where to catch the fish?

Miracles: Healing of the Paralysed Man

What does this miracle teach Christians?

Miracles: Healing of the Ten Lepers

What happened when ten men were healed from leprosy?

Miracles: Jairus' daughter

Jesus brings a girl back to life

Miracles: Jesus Heals a Blind Man

What happened when Jesus met people who were unwell?

Miracles: Lake Stories

What was it like to witness Jesus' miracles?

Miracles: One Christian's Experience

Does God interact with people today?

Miracles: Raising the Dead

What did Jesus do in the face of death?

Miracles: the feeding of the 5,000

How did Jesus treat people who were hungry?

Miracles: Water into wine

Jesus' first miracle

Miracles: Why are they important?

How can we know what God is like through miracles?

New Testament Miracles

What do miracles teach Christians?

Old Testament Miracles

What miracles occurred in the Old Testament?

Salvation: God's Response to Sin

What do Christians believe happened when Jesus died?

Science and Creation

Does science disprove the teleological argument?

Science and Faith

Can science and faith be compatible?

Science and Faith: Is Science Provable?


What do Christians mean by the word 'sin'?


What is sin?

Social Issues: Slavery

How have Christians responded to the issue of slavery?

Social Justice: Compassion International

How does Compassion International tackle poverty?

Social Justice: David Nasmith and the Glasgow City Mission

How did this amazing work begin?

Social Justice: International Justice Mission

A Christian response to suffering

Suffering: A Christian Response

Turning disability into possibility

The Cosmological Argument

The First Cause argument explained

The Fall: A Christian Response to Evil and Suffering

Why do people do bad things?

Unanswered Prayer

How do Christians respond?

What are the Key Christian Beliefs About Sin?

What is meant by sin and what are the consequences of sin?

Where is God when bad things happen?

A Christian response to suffering...