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A space for resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith

We are delighted to share with you our library of resources. You can use the filter feature below to find topics most relevant to your curriculum.


Why do Christians believe in God?

JB Gill's shares the reason he has a Christian faith

Art as Worship

How can art help connect people to God?


How is Jesus connected to this concept? (Easier)

Atonement: Barabbas' Story

What can we learn about atonement from the story of the Barabbas?

Christian Symbols

What do the Christian symbols mean?

Christian Views About the Afterlife

An exploration of the different views

Christmas: A Treasure Hunt

Use the site to search out the answers to these Christmas trivia questions

Christmas: Advent

How do Christians prepare for Christmas?

Christmas: Advent

What does Advent mean to Christians?

Christmas: Advent Calendars

Where did they start?

Christmas: Cards

Where does the idea of a Christmas card come from?

Christmas: Carols

What is the origin of these Christmas songs?

Christmas: Joseph's Story

A modern retelling of the Christmas story.

Christmas: Mary's Story

A modern retelling of the Christmas story.

Christmas: Quiz

How much do you know about the Christmas story?

Christmas: Santa Claus

Who was Saint Nicholas?

Christmas: The Key People in the Nativity

Discover more about the characters in the Christmas nativity story...

Christmas: Traditions

What are the origins of our Christmas traditions?

Christmas: Why is it so Important to Christians?

What makes Christmas so special?

Christmas: Why trees?

What have Christmas trees got to do with Jesus' birth?

Church: A Welsh Chapel

What is life like in a Welsh Chapel?

Church: Anglican Worship

How is liturgy used in the Church of England?

Church: Communion

What do Christians celebrate at Communion, and why is it so important?

Church: Communion

Why and how do Christians celebrate this really important shared meal?

Church: Community Worship

Why do Christians worship together?

Church: Harvest Festival

What happens during a harvest festival?

Church: How does the Church serve the community?

What happens in churches during the week?

Church: Inside a Church...

What can you find inside a church?

Church: Inside an Orthodox Church

An orthodox Christian's guide to their church

Church: Roman Catholic Mass

How do Catholics worship God?

Church: The Book of Common Prayer

How did the Book of Common Prayer come about?

Church: The Church of Scotland

What is worship in the Church of Scotland like?


What do Christians remember during communion?

Communion: Remembering Jesus' Death

How do Christians remember Jesus' death on the cross?

Different Ways of Praying

Easter: 40acts @Lent

A different way to celebrate Lent

Easter: A Catholic Celebration of Maundy Thursday

What happens during a Catholic Maundy Thursday service?

Easter: A Good Friday Service in a Catholic Church

How do Catholics remember Jesus' death?

Easter: An Overview of the Key Events

A look at the main events of Easter

Easter: Ash Wednesday

The beginning of Lent

Easter: Catholic Vigil

How do Catholics celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?

Easter: Chocolate Eggs

What has chocolate got to do with Easter?

Easter: Good Friday

What do Christians remember on Good Friday?

Easter: How is Good Friday remembered?

Watch the videos to find out how Christians remember Jesus' death

Easter: John's Eyewitness Account

Why is Easter so important to Christians?

Easter: Lent

What happens during Lent?

Easter: Maundy Thursday

What do Christians remember on Maundy Thursday?

Easter: Maundy Thursday

How do churches mark Maundy Thursday?

Easter: Palm Sunday

What is remembered on Palm Sunday?

Easter: Palm Sunday

An animated version of the events of Palm Sunday

Easter: Resurrection Evidence

What happened to Jesus' body?

Easter: Shrove Tuesday

What are the origins of this day?

Easter: Stations of the Cross

What happened on Jesus' journey to the cross?

Easter: The Anointing

An animated retelling

Easter: The Centurion's story

A dramatic monologue describing Jesus' death on the cross

Easter: The Crucifixion

Details of Jesus death

Easter: Was Jesus' death predicted?

What do Christians believe about why Jesus died?


What is an evangelist?


Why do Christians get involved in evangelism?

Faith and Football

Can faith and football mix?

Faith: Answered Prayer

A Christian woman's experience of infertility

Faith: Answers to Prayer

Listen to a Christian's experience of God answering her prayers...

Faith: Caring Through Work

One Christian's experience of serving God through her nursing job...

Faith: Giving Back to God

What does the Bible say about giving money to God?

Faith: Inspired Art

How has their faith inspired these artists and their work?

Faith: Living the Christian Life

Chip Kendall shares some thoughts

Faith: The Nicene Creed

What do all Christians believe?

Faith: What does it mean to be a Christian?

Listen to some Christians about what their faith means to them

Faith: What is a Christian?

How does someone become a Christian?

Faith: Why Do People Choose to Follow Jesus Today?

Christians explain the reason for their faith

Festivals: All Saints' Day

Why is All Saints' Day celebrated?

Festivals: Harvest

What is so special about a Harvest loaf?

Festivals: Harvest Festivals

How do Christians celebrate harvest?

Festivals: Roman Catholic Days of Obligation

What are the special days in the Catholic Church?

How does the Bible influence the lifestyle choices Christians make?

One Christian's journey with alcohol

Jesus Baptism

What happened when Jesus was baptised?

Jesus' Birth Story

Was Jesus the Messiah that everyone was waiting for?

Jesus' Teaching: The Lord's Prayer

What did Jesus teach about prayer?

Jesus: Baptised by John

What happened at Jesus' baptism?

Jesus: Faith

What did Jesus teach about faith?

Jesus: Incarnation

Why is Christmas so important to Christians?

Jesus: Resurrection

What is so important about the resurrection?

Jesus: Salvation

What is salvation? (Higher)

Jesus: The Cross

How can Jesus' death make a difference today?

Jesus: The Lord's Prayer

What did Jesus teach about prayer?

Jesus: The Passover

How does Jesus fulfill the Passover?

Life After Death

What do Christians believe happens after they die?

Miracles: Do They Still Happen Today?

Two Christians share their experience of a miracle

Miracles: Do they still occur?

Listen to some examples of miracles experienced by Christians today

Miracles: One Christian's Experience

Does God interact with people today?

Miracles: Why are they important?

How can we know what God is like through miracles?

Parables: Sheep and Goats

What does this parable teach Christians?

Pilgimage: St Davids Cathedral

Why is St Davids Cathedral a place of pilgrimage?


Why go on pilgrimage?


Hear a Christian perspective on pilgrimage

Pilgrimage: Iona

What is so special about Iona?

Pilgrimage: Pilgrimage: Tyr Pererin at St. Davids

What does Tyr Pererin offer visitors and pilgrims?

Pilgrimage: The Two Saints Way

What is is like to go on a pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage: Two Saints Way

What is the Two Saints Way pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage: What is Pilgrimage?

Why would a Christian decide to go on a pilgrimage?

Piligrimage: Important places Christians Visit

Where do Christians go on pilgrimage?

Places: A Guided Tour of St. Davids Cathedral

Explore St. Davids Cathedral with Canon Dorrien Davies

Places: Canterbury Cathedral

Enjoy a virtual tour of the cathedral...

Places: Canterbury Cathedral

A virtual tour of the most important church buildings in the world

Places: Iona, a 'Thin Place'

Who founded the monastery on the Island of Iona?

Places: John Wesley's Chapel

Enjoy a virtual tour of Wesley's chapel

Places: Lindisfarne

How was the Christian community on Lindisfarne founded?

Places: St Davids Cathedral

Enjoy a virtual tour of the cathedral...

Places: St. Davids Cathedral

Take a virtual tour of this remarkable building

Places: St. Davids Cathedral, Cymraeg

Explore St. David's Cathedral with Canon Dorian Davies

Places: The Iona Community

View this timeline of a typical day within the Iona community.

Places: Tyr Pererin

House of the Pilgrim, St David's

Places: Westminster Abbey

Enjoy a virtual tour of this famous abbey

Places: Westminster Abbey

Take a virtual tour of the queen's abbey.

Places: Westminster Cathedral

Enjoy a virtual tour of the cathedral...

Places: Westminster Cathedral

Take a virtual tour around this spectacular building

Places: York Minster

Enjoy a virtual tour of the Minster

Places: York Minster

Take a virtual tour around this cathedral


Why do Christians believe prayer is so important?


What is Christian prayer?

Prayer: Different ways to Pray

Taking time to speak with God

Prayer: Hearing from God

How does God speak to people?

Prayer: How do Christians Pray?

Learn about some different ways Christians pray

Prayer: When do Christians Pray?

Do they have to pray at certain times of the day?

Prayer: Why do People Pray?

Why is it important?

Prophetic Art

Can God speak to people through art?

Rites of Passage

How do Christians celebrate big life events?

Rites of Passage: Adult Baptism

Why is baptism so special to Christians?

Rites of Passage: Adult Baptism

Why is it important for believers to be baptised?

Rites of Passage: Adult Baptism

What happens during a believer's baptism?

Rites of Passage: Christian Funerals

What happens at a Christian funeral?

Rites of Passage: Confirmation

What happens when someone is confirmed?

Rites of Passage: Confirmation

What happens when someone is confirmed?

Rites of Passage: Dedication

What happens in a dedication service?

Rites of Passage: Dedication

Why do some Christians choose dedication over infant baptism?

Rites of Passage: Funerals

What does a Christian funeral look like?

Rites of Passage: Infant Baptism

What happens when children are baptised?

Rites of Passage: Infant Baptism

A video of an infant baptsim

Rites of Passage: Roman Catholic Sacraments

What are the seven sacraments?

Rites of Passage: Wedding Ceremony

What happens during a Christian wedding ceremony?

Rites of Passage: Weddings

What happens at a Christian wedding ceremony?

Salvation: God's Rescue Plan for Humanity

What happened when God died?

Salvation: God's Response to Sin

What do Christians believe happened when Jesus died?

Salvation: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?



What do Christians mean by the word 'sin'?


What is sin?

The Ascension

What is remembered on Ascension Day?

The Good News: Christians in Sport

What does it mean to be part of Christians in Sport?

The Resurrection

What do Christians believe happened on Easter Sunday?

Unanswered Prayer

How do Christians respond?

What is Redemption?

What is Repentance?

Why is it important to Christians?

Why is Easter so important to Christians?

What is the Resurrection?

Why is Jesus' death so important to Christians?


Why is Jesus' Resurrection so Important to Christians?

Three Christians explain their views...


How do Christians worship?

Worship: Art as a Form of Worship

How do Christians use art to worship God?

Worship: Christian Art

How can ancient Celtic art influence contemporary Christian art?

Worship: Different Styles of Christian Worship

How do Christians use music in worship?

Worship: Meditation

How can meditation help Christians feel closer to God?